Documentary Family

Slice-of-Life Sessions

Real Life Remembered

These documentary family sessions are perfect:

– For those who are nostalgic for the every day;
– For those that want to remember their kids when they were little;
– For those that want to be in more every-day photos with their family;
– For the family who lives for storytelling;
– To remember what life was like back-in-the-day;
– To show your kids that you were there, too, and not just in selfies;
– Because that “perfect” time won’t come around again (and your kids don’t care that you don’t fit in your pre-baby jeans anymore…

The list can go on from here. When will you make NOW the perfect time?


“Real Life Family Sessions”

We’ve all heard it before… “Time flies when you’re having fun” and, “Don’t blink! It goes by so fast!” all at the same time as wishing that your kids could just take care of themselves and get their own glass of water, save some space on the couch for you to actually be comfortable, to not need 40bajillion hugs at bedtime… Or maybe you’re suddenly in a panic because your oldest is going to Kindergarten next year… or off to … dare I say… college… and you want to remember what a morning in your home is like (and soon to be something different) or your Saturday activities, or the before/after school run-around. Or perhaps you want a full day of your vacation recorded so you can be in the images, too. Whatever your sappy heart desires, your sappy heart shoud have. Our kids grow up soooooo fast. Then we’re old(er). They start their own lives. OK OK OK that last part is panic inducing for me! I know it might seem weird to record a day of you going through the motions, but I know that there are times when I wish I could go back and re-live some of the chaos when my kids were tiny(er)… Is there a moment in your life with your kids that you want to be able to relive later on?


What do you love?

What do you want to remember with those that you love

I believe in recording the every day. So many of us capture life on our phones but where do they go from there? Are you present in the every day? Do you want to be seen, too? I would love to discuss the possibilities to record your story of today – for tomorrow.